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So I bought some fennel, and I have no idea what to do with it


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I chop up the fennel bulb and stir fry it lightly with chopped tomato and mix it with cooked pasta..you can flavour with a touch of soy sauce (it will bring out tomato, fennel flavours).  It makes a very light meal, dress up with fennel fronds.  

One can also roast cut fennel bulb.  

YOu can also make a lovely fennel slaw by grating it, mixing it lightly with olive oil, grated lemon and lemon juice.  Let it marinate for 15 min.  It makes sophisticated side dish. http://chefmichaelsmith.com/recipe/lemon-fennel-slaw/  We have sprinkled with pomengranate seeds just before serving.  It looks and tastes lightly festive.

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Just now, Wilbur said:

I used it to flavour biscuits last summer.  Then stuffed the biscuits with pulled pork..  It was very good.  I miss summer. 

Summer is the only worthwhile season.  Well, half of spring and the first half of fall is nice, too.

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You can make winter fennel, sage and kale pasta

or a fennel and peach salad

or linguine with fennel and winter greens

or lemon fennel toasts

I don't cook, but the recipes on Love and Lemons blog are so appetizing that it almost makes me think about it.   If you use the search function for fennel you'll find a bunch more recipes.

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