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Strange friend request


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1 hour ago, petitepedal said:

Got a friend request from my dads youngest daughter. :dontknow: Met her once briefly (maybe an hour encounter) in 1981.

Facebook lists recommendations drawn from friends of friends who may be relatives or otherwise unknown people.  Maybe she saw your name on a list and just mentioned it.  I get unexpected friend requests like that from children of 2nd cousins, etc.

Also, a lot of scam artists copy people's Facebook photos and then set up fake Facebook pages with the same names and pictures and then do friend requests of those listed on the original, real page. If the friend request is granted, they figure they've fooled you and proceed with the scam attempt.


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My strange friend requests usually coincide with a wedding I attended or some similar occasion where I get meationed, or my picture winds up somewhere on facebook. Then someone that had fonder memories sends me a friend request.

Denied. There's a reason I didn't stay in touch over the years.

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