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I'm tooting my own horn here but you should see some of the crap submitted by others.  People love my bug write ups because they are clean and reproducible.  Ok, 'love' is a strong word but I'm trying to get that @Kzoo thing down.



It's possible to leave an orphaned directory picker dialog in both SMB or NFS during
creation and or modification of a share or export

Repro steps:

1.  Open /OneFS#NFS/NFSExports or /OneFS#NFS/NFSExports page
2.  Click Create share or export button
3.  Add a name
4.  Manually enter a bogus path like /ifs/thispathdoesnotexist in the textbox
5.  Click Create... button
6.  Observe the result
7.  Modify the path to be a valid entry (e.g. /ifs/data)
8.  Click the Browse button
9.  Now click the Create parent dialog box behind the directory picker
10. Observe the results
11. Click the Create... button
12. Observe the results
13. Repeat for the Edit dialog

Actual Results:

Initial creation fails but after the path is modified to a valid path and the
user clicks on the Create... button, the share or export is successfully created but
the directory picker dialog is orphaned on the page.

Expected Results:

The directory picker is a modal dialog box and must be submitted first before focus
is returned to the parent create/edit dialog.
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6 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

You do not want bugs in your avionics software.


Back before the days of GPS, I worked on an aircraft that used INS, Inertial Navigation System, which would use gyros to measure every twist, turn, acceleration, and declaration to tell where the aircraft was located. It was amazing as often after a 3 hour flight, the aircraft would be within a few hundred feet of its parking spot. However sometimes it would think it had landed in Canada when we were in New Mexico.

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