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2 hours ago, Wilbur said:

I was just happy to see a Bouvier take herding group.  

I just like dogs, and am not overly concerned about the dog and pony show.  I would sit down and play with the dogs and then give the award to the dog with the most personality.  

My categories would be:

Little Rat Dogs - A winning entry would have to prove there was nothing wrong with its tiny and limiting brain size.

Medium size dogs - No long hair, long hair sucks on dogs because you just cannot live with it.

Normal dogs - Dogs 70 - 100 pounds could win this.  They would have to prove that they would be good at a party

Big dogs that drool - You can never have too much drool if you are a big dog that drools.

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22 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Cheese already likes this dog breed because it was named after Aunt Bea. :D


Although true, when Wilbur uses a sad face it's usually for a good reason. I am afraid to read the story but it's also true Wilbur must share his story. 

I am conflicted and hopped up on strawberry ice cream. 

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