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I miss all the fun stuff :(


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My son was ready for school early today, and WoK was all happy she could make it to work on time. As she was standing in the front room getting ready to turn on the grow lights a car came speeding down the street and hit my neighbor's mailbox. 

Well.. the good news is they were fine, but funny news is the kid just got the car back from the shop yesterday. 

Needless to say the WoK did not make it to work on time because the police had the street shut down.


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17 minutes ago, KrAzY said:

It's only illegal because big pharma and the government can't control it. I will be happy to grow it once it is legalized. Between the wife and myself.. we both qualify for med cards.

I was talking to my neighbor the other day and he said he was going to install grow lights for a garden in his atrium.  But it’s not for pot!  Dude it’s legal now and I don’t care what you grow in your atrium...  

He was a little embarrassed and relieved I didn’t care...  He’s so growing pot in his atrium! 

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1 hour ago, team scooter said:

See, thats the difference between Texas and Wisconsin. You cant have a beefy mailbox like that. If the snowplows cant knock it into next week without harming their equipment, they make you take it down. :angry:

When I was a kid we had several mailboxes launched into a different zip code out of the country snowblower like this one 



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