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It is snowing lightly


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Forecast is for 10" between now and Sunday noon.  We'll see what happens, but we are glad two ewes had lambs yesterday and early this morning before the potential snow.  Bobcat man called last night and indicated he would be here to dig us out on Sunday afternoon if the storm materializes.  Yes, he is a very good friend.https://milescitylive.com/

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22 minutes ago, Dottles said:

@sheep_herder have you ever been into that casino in the live stream?? Any shady transactions going down there in Miles City?

We really do not frequent bars or casinos.  I go into a bar once in a while if they are having entertainment that I want to hear or they are having a going away party for someone I know.  Shady transactions, we live in a town of 'people', so you figure it out.

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2 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Speaking of shady transactions, I think that I read the other day about a local drug bust made by the MHP last year or so, that netted almost a third of the meth collected in the state that year.  It was being run by an inmate in California, and resulted in several Federal arrests.

Somehow I think @Page Turner knows.  He's from California.  They can always be safely blamed.

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