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Dr forum come in please...


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Hmmmm tummy is rumbly..way noisy..and burpy... sometimes I feel a tad headachey..but not constant...

Starting to think maybe it was food poisoning again :dontknow:

Have had lots of water..even got some Scratch and had 2 of those...

No temp or chills or anything else..energy level is still low!

Give me your best Marcus Welby, M.D. opinion.

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Okay, now I'm getting upset. First of all "food poisoning" of a biological nature (bacterial, viral) is likely to cause abnormal body temperature (fever). Chemical contamination may or may nor result in abnormal temperature (high or low). I haven't followed closely in the last week but I'm thinking you were vomiting, then you were light headed and "passed out" in the hall, now you have uncontrolled diarrhea. What do you think you should do? I'd go to the doctor. Check your BP meds.

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...rice is probably good. Stay hydrated for sure, even if it's just with plain water.   Many gastric upsets take some time to settle back down to normalcy. Heaving up all the contents of your stomach tneds to upset the acid balance down there.  Mostly I have a tendency to just fast in those circumstances for a couple of days and then gradually reintroduce stuff like rice, crackers, tea.  Then I move on to the harder stuff.


It's still too early to go to the doctor and have them take you seriously.

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