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Gym du Jour


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Au revoir, Belle du Jour, you are passe...

"ClassPass is a gym class subscription service that is basically like the Netflix of fad exercise trends. For a monthly fee you can arrange a series of one-time stints doing every imaginable workout: from pole dancing to hydrospinning.

So its recent announcement of the fastest-growing category on the platform in 2018 may surprise you: it’s the boring old treadmill. Offerings like interval classes from the Mile-High Run Club and something called “Tread ’n Shed” at Crunch Gym were particularly popular, but basically they all involve running indoors in a treadmill pack while an instructor intones mantras, shouts encouragement, and critiques your running form."

I wish they had come up with climbing gyms 40 years ago (or 50). I would have loved it. I kinda like the idea of trying everything, not that I could now.



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34 minutes ago, 12string said:

That's a rather complicated excuse to buy Netflix to see videos of Pole Dancing and the Mile High Club

It's not Netflix, it's like Netflix in that you get a pass that allows you to attend a class at any gym you want to try.

What's the name of that comedy where the star is a chunky guy that works for a company like UPS? In one episode the wife buys a stripper pole, hoping to drum up some action. But she's completely useless at it. So the hubby shows her how it's done, which turns her on, and he winds up performing nightly in their bedroom. That was cute.

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