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I remember reading a story about logical thinking demonstrating that what you do not know can be as important as what you do know in order to solve a problem.

Today, I walked outside and took a few snow pictures with my Galaxy S7 phone.  I always cover the display with the cover-half of its hard shell case when not using it.

So I returned inside, downloaded the phone pics to my laptop, and then noticed the cover wasn't handy.

Where did I put it?

I looked the pockets of my coat - where I remember putting it while taking the pictures - and my other clothes.  It wasn't there.

Conclusion 1: I either dropped the cover from my pocket or put it somewhere and forgot.

I quickly went back outside where I didn't walk far, everything was covered in white snow, and it wasn't there.

Conclusion 2: I don;'t know where it is, but I didn't drop it outside.  So I know it's somewhere in the house.

I then retraced my steps in the house and it wasn't anywhere I'd normally put it.

Conclusion  3: I most likely dropped it.  My case is light blue.  Look for a blue object on the floor.

So I looked all over the floor for a blue plastic box 5+" x 3+".  I didn't find it.

Conclusion 4: I have no clue where it went, so if it's cheap enough, I'll order a replacement now from Amazon.

I looked on Amazon and the "BUDDIBOX" case I have was available in every color except blue.

I looked closer at the picture (see below) and realized the cover (the part on the bottom) is entirely Black.

Conclusion 5: I can order any color because only the soft interior is non-Black - I can order red, etc. in case I ever need the soft part.


It suddenly hit me: only the soft part covering the sides and back of the phone is blue!

Conclusion 6: Conclusion 3 is WRONG.  Look for a BLACK object on the floor.

60 seconds later, I found it!  Lucky I didn't step on it!

Conclusion 7: I need to pay more attention to details!


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