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What a Difference a Day Makes!


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My Car, Noon Yesterday:


My Car, Noon Today:


My Street Corner Noon Today:


The last time I had to shovel snow: My Street Corner, Jan 23, 2016.


I'd take a walk with Jake the Goldendoodle in the park today, but I'll give the lower areas a day to melt and dry out.  I hope this forecast holds up:


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I've experienced that :) Actually the oddest weather phenomena I've experienced was 3 seasons in aboot 8 hours. Upnorth MI (Mio). It was spring and the day began coolish but warmed up a lot, then strong storms came through in the evening that caused damage. Had tornado warnings & such. Later that night there was a dusting of snow on the ground. Crazy. Felt like spring, summer, winter.

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We got a couple inches of snow yesterday, my neighbors jumped on the opportunity and shoveled their driveways & walks. I was at work and when I came home I had to fix my mailbox, oh well I'll shovel tomorrow I thought. 

It all melted ! Another opportunity missed   :hapydance:  Woe is me    :hapydance: 

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