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Wednesday #sucked


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I ran an errand and on the way back to the house I come up to a corner and see a pickup truck coming the other way. But, he's looking down at his seat I think and cutting the corner. I come to a complete stop and lay on my horn. He jerks his head up, brakes and tries to avoid me. Nope. LF corner on my '17 Volvo. Pops the hood, messes up the grill & the driver door is impinged. I get out take a few pictures and exchange info

His insurance calls a bit later & records my statement. She just called back & approved the claim. And rental. But I can't get the car in for an estimate for about 10 days. So I drive around with the hood popped and get "looks" as I drive around town. If they give me a  Corolla I'm gonna come unglued

First thing WoScrapr says...You're going to take "my Volvo" aren't you. We just put her order in for Overseas Delivery about 3 weeks ago.  I told her...I'm thinking. :dontknow: (I won't. Her Volvo has so many things she will love on it) It just means I'm going to have to drive mine for a long time. 

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I seldom use the word "hate" but I would think about using it to describe insurance adjusters.  Their job is to milk the person that their insured crashed into.  What a racket.  Took me HOURS to finally beat my guy down.  They hope you need money or a car right then and will jump at whatever they offer.  I did not so I held out and got almost what I paid for my truck when it was totalled this past summer.

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