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Another reason not to outsource jobs


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Just now, MickinMD said:

I didn't know 8 year-olds were allowed to work.

They are not, but Nike and others are famous for using third world sweatshop labor to make their products.   The article is using humor to shine a light on the fact that we pay hundreds of dollars for shoes, soccer balls, bicycles, clothing, made in deplorable conditions by kids in many cases.

Look up child slavery in the chocolate industry next time you enjoy something from Hershey.

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Just now, Kzoo said:

And the Parody Meter says.......... 8.56

Any parody thread that utilizes the Onion is above average to start.



Can you give me some hints on what you might like in your next avatar?

Oh, and thanks for the unbiased score and constructive critique.

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