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My top 5 states


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29 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

1. Arizona

2. Washington

3. California

4. Colorado to Montana

5. The Carolinas

6. Massachusettes and Vermont



My top 5 states

must be Canada uses new math?

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1 hour ago, Kzoo said:

Yeah, I counted 7 in his list.  Must be a metric list.

Wait, is Carolinas actually 2 states?  Maybe it was a count of 6

I got 10. 











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Hard to pick 5 because I like something about most places I've visited.  Very few places I didn't like but here goes:

New York





Oregon, North Carolina, South Dakota and New Hampshire are close runner ups

The most polite people I've met have been in the Midwest.

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3 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Ya'll are hurting my feelings.  Texas is not that bad.

Since I've never been, I don't feel accomplished enough to comment.  But I can tell you I've been to all the western states, some middle states, and the east coast.  A tip of the cap to my brothers, but in terms of travelling and beauty, it's no bloody contest. The west is indeed the best.

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2 minutes ago, Kirby said:

I lived in Texas for two years and there's a lot I like about Texas.

- Stevie Ray Vaughan

- Los Lonely Boys

- Austin City Limits

- Delbert McClinton

- Big ass hats

- Jalapeno burgers












Oh, and jsharrt, I spose.  Hope he doesn't get a big head big enough to fit his hat. :D


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47 minutes ago, SuzieQ said:

There are a lot of states I have not visited, but of those I have, Florida is my least favorite

It's a flat, humid, insect ridden armpit. The Keys are kinda cool but man, not much else.

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I haven't been to all states.  

1. Hawai'i  (This is the proper spelling. from the original language.)  I've been there twice.

2. Washington

3. Vermont

4. Massachussetts

5. Oregon

I've been to California (twice), New Mexico (Sante Fe, Alburqueque), Michigan, New Hampshire (tiny part for 1 day), Rhode Island (2 days), Montana (only via Glacier National Park)

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