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How long do you keep old tax documents and returns?


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I keep 7 years worth.  IRS says 4-5, with some exceptions.  My tax lady also has sets for at least a decade.  

I am not concerned about it or audit.  I am small potatoes.  It would cost them too much to audit a lower income family like us. Besides Trump slashed the budget for IRA auditers.  Very low odds.  I'll probably keep all these records for nothing. 

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55 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

I have 4 years ready to be shredded.  Now @Kirbyis making me nervous.  HAHA

I've kept them for  far too long.  The only thing I've ever used them for is  once I needed to fill out an application listing each address I had for a number of years and I used that to get address info.  In theory I could also double check my social security earnings record, but I've never actually done that. 

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