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Is this thing on? Test! Test! One two!

team scooter

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Just now, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Good morning!  New stuff is fun!  So is it lightning fast?  Solid state hard drive?  Hey man, do you like the music of Cortana? :D


Still getting used to it. Its getting faster as it learns my favorite cookies. ;) Who is Cortana, is that the girl that pops up and offers help and suggestions?  :D 

The solid state drive works well. I've had it since Thursday and I haven't heard the cooling fan kick on yet. Not even on google maps. The old one would overheat and shutdown if I spent too much time on google maps. My old ten year old lap top had stuff I thought I needed, but never used, like the video player etc. So this one is pretty basic, though we upped the memory and the SSD several time higher than I should ever need for the next ten years. The new speakers are not the greatest. But that's what headphones are for I guess. 

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