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Will music ever be this good again?

Square Wheels

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Here's the only band from the 1960's still performing with it's original members. It features one of my favorite singers of all-time: Judith Durham's "cut-crystal soprano" is still incredible - she's also a classical, pro-level pianist:

The first video is from The Seekers 1967 concert at the Myer Bowl in The Seekers' hometown of Melbourne, Australia where the crowd of 200,000 is still the largest attended concert ever held in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the time they were outselling the Rolling Stones and performing in major concerts as co-headliners with the Beatles, Moody Blues, Animals, Dusty Springfield, etc.

The 2nd video is from their 2014 Golden Anniversary Tour - they actually began performing together as "The Seekers" in 1962.

During the online Team USA:Southeast vs Team Australia chess match last year, I posted a recent video from YouTube of the Seekers singing "Waltzing Matilda" on the match webpage and it was amazing how many of the Australians appreciated it and said they were current fans of the group and had gone to Seekers' concerts in the 2010's.  I had two draws against a former Sydney High School Chess Champion!



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