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On a scale of one to ten, how angry are you today?


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Mellow here.

Had a tough job to do today, and the assigned crew had some issues. This morning the crew got reassigned and I drew a better hand.

One big fellow that was a last minute member started the day with  "ever hear walruses fuck ?' everybody stared at him with a WTF look "should'a been at my house last night, ha ha, I got a little, it still works, ha ha ha ha..."

And the day got a little bit brighter

And the job got done and nobody got hurt bad enough to mention...


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No anger today - my Grumpy Old Man personality went into hiding for a change.  Just a few minor disappointments: the new tea I tried was weak and not as peachy as hoped, the Citi online credit card site crashed today and I couldn't apply my $26.50 cash-back to my Mar. 15-due statement (can do so in the next week), my chess Tactics Trainer rating is stuck in the low 1800's after a couple failed expert-level puzzle attempts (still class A, but I was hoping to get to the high 1800's today), and I broke one of the yolks in the over-easy eggs I fried.  Still, it's nothing that will lead to a life of constant sorrow!

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