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I’ve never figured out why


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23 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

He makes Archie Bunker seem like a flaming liberal. 

I have no problem with sports broadcasters being flamboyant and fun.  Just think Cherry is not really a good model of fun for future …..men and boys.

Hockey Night in Punjabi:

These VAncouver guys are professional broadcasters...they speak perfect English and but fluent in Punjabi (better than my Chinese).   They love hockey.

During the 2010 Olympics, dearie and I were at some Vancouver cafes ….and tons of locals/tourists watching the big screens for Olympic hockey games.  Man, the South Asian -CAnadian community have a strong fan base of NHL games.

Awesome, being a Canuck is waaaaay more than Don Cherry presence. In honesty, it is this type of enthusiastic sports broadcasting that is truly Canadian...that makes me proud....as a Canadian.


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Photo from 5 yrs. ago of a nephew playing hockey. He is facing the camera. He would have been around 16...now he's at university. He and his brother played ice hockey through one of the local teams for their age group for about....8 yrs.  Their sister, also played ice hockey for a few years in winter, competitive gymnastics (she's still at it @ 16 yrs.).  In the summer/spring it was soccer for all 3 teens for about 5 years or more.

No, these young adults aren't chubby..the parents made sure they were in sports they loved. One of the boys (or I should say, young man) also plays competitive ultimate....which is frisbee.  I think he's competed in some regional tournaments in Canada.  They do a lot of running around in their sports.  Sister ...spends 2 hrs. each day at least 3-4 times per wk. on her competitive gymnastics  --parallel bars and floor gymnastics...handsprings, backflips in the air, splits, etc.  to a music routine, etc.



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