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Do you think pirates are responsible for the popularity of parrots?


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I think it might be that parrots and those tropical birds in general are popular with some people for pets because they can mimic our "calls" and talk back to us. They also are fairly easy to care for and the one thing that the people I've known that had them pointed out to me... they live 60 or 70 years, so if you buy one as an adult, you're going to probably have them with you the rest of your life


that might be a big part of it right there

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I had a yellow nape for about 10 years.  There were no pirates involved.  They are wonderful friends.  They are also very protective of their single friend.  They don't like competition.  When I got married it was rough, then when I started having kids I feared for the kids safety.  Their feet claws and bills are amazingly powerful for such a small animal.


We gave him away to friends that had a teenage son who was a bit of a loner.  They bought him a shower perch and a travel cage and took wonderful care of him.  I don't keep in touch with them, but I bet he's still alive and happy.

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