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Airehead, permission to ask a question?


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1 minute ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

@Airehead, I know you will be getting a female airedale this year then posting your usual, "Submit your suggestions for her official name" or whatever you blue bloods call the registered name. 

You will pretend I actually have a shot then pull it away from me yet again. 

So I was thinking I'd like to get ahead in the game, start discussing it now. 

Have any airedales had Catskills or Oyster Bay in their registered name and how do I check this list? 



Cheese, you need to know the kennel names, probably a theme and maybe the name of the sire.   Only then, can you make usable suggestions....maybe. 

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2 hours ago, Airehead said:

Suggest away.

Kennel name Coldstream 

v litter

must match our kennel theme -- at Aero all our dogs have an aviation link.  Coldstream Lucky Lindbergh and Coldstream Ryan Navion.  Ryan was from an n litter. Lindy from an L litter 

What are you saying here woman?  

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14 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

What are you saying here woman?  

Has to be Coldstream V and then anything you want. For you, I would even pay the exorbitant prices the AKC charges for extra letters or spaces. 


I like Coldstream Victorious Vacher over Honeoye. So PETITE is ahead so far. Call name would be Polly

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