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Is this the year of the great SWCF summer BBQ at SW's place?


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Does wheels live just off the highway?  Because I don't want to be dependent upon GPS.  Should I just pay to have Wilbur come pick me up?  I assume my wife can come to?  Oh, and what's the age limit?  

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2 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

About a 1/2 mile away.  #0 miles from two major airports.  % or more hotels within 1 mile of the house.

We'll have live music, multiple bouncy houses, catered food, and me.

So all I need is @Wilbur to fly into the new Paine Field airport to come and get me, we are golden?

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6 hours ago, jsharr said:

I had a SW Forum BBQ at casa de jsharr last night.  No one came.  I have left over grilled chicken boob that I brought for lunch.  Marinaded in orange juice / teriyaki / soy / garlic / ginger / black pepper.  Will serve with steamed confused veggies.

When you invite people to an event last night, you're not likely to get many takers....

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