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Anyone want a free couch and loveseat?


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19 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Broyhill...it is sturdy...the cushions are starting to wear..and the cost of reappolstering would be expensive..more than a new sofa... It will be great for someone in a first apartment or a cabin or something like that...(cabin...not lake home :whistle:)

Ah.  Or someone who has an upholstering expertise..and as a hobby.

A work colleague told me his father-in-law is doing very well in semi-retirement. He can't fully retire....he continues to get custom orders for reupholstering, etc. in town. ? He's been at his business for past 30 yrs. or more.  My couch in Vancouver started to wear out.  So we went to a fabric store and I carefully examined the textiles...we bought an end piece that was sturdy and matching colour shade. I finished the edges. So we drape it artfully over the couch and tuck it in.  

I bought a black leather couch in city where I work full-time. Just avoid future headaches.  We love it. Good leather is lovely

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