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We lower caste 22.2 mm handlebar owners


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I have a semi-cheap mountain bike with 7/8" (22.2 mm) diameter handlebars.

I have a Garmin 510 Edge and, a few years ago, bought a cheap handlebar "extended mount" made, of course, for 31.5 mm handlebars because I couldn't find one in 22 mm. I cut a homemade gasket from a piece of hard rubber to use as a spacer, but it slightly changes position on hard bounces.

So now, preparing for my return to cycling with my healed shoulder, hip, ankle, etc., I decided to search the web for 22 mm Garmin extended mounts - I like the raised position a little above the handlebar, near the middle, setting it at about 45 degrees so I can read it easily. Garmin's extended mount comes with two Gaskets: one for 25.4 mm (1") handlebars and one for 31.5 mm.  NONE for us 22.2 mm Untouchables.

I found extended mounts for time trial (22 mm) bars (which run parallel to the bike frame), but those TT mounts would turn the Garmin unit sideways on my bike's straight bar.  So I looked to see if I could unscrew something and rotate the locking unit 90 degrees. A really cheap one looked like it could be turned - the locking mechanism was held on with an Allen screw.  So I thought about a $7 one that a reviewer said rattled.

Then I thought maybe I should get something better at 25.4 mm - the 31.5 mm on I had was a little too big to stay steady - and wrap the handlebar with enough tape so it would fit tight.  The Garmin mount was $30.  I looked to see if there was a cheaper one at 25.4 mm.  I found one with a 22.2 mm spacer that didn't turn up in my Amazon search for that size!  There's a black one is much cheaper looking at $14.97, but I decided to go with this.  I hope the spacer works!

In any case, Kom does what Garmin fails to do - despite the fact lots of mountain bikes have 7/8" handlebars!


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34 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

K Edge has one (or more).

It's not as sleek as some of their other offerings, but it is flexible:


But, yeah, it is a bit of BS that there aren't many more options. A marketing mistake or a market research?

Thanks - note that this is one of those for TT bars, so the Garmin 510 would snap in sideways on a straight handlebar. But also note the two screws in the picture have hex-heads which means an Allen wrench or one of those weird screwdriver heads in my toolkit could possibly rotate them if needed.

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