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Find a musician that reminds you of a SW member

Square Wheels

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13 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

That is a swing and a miss.  I am not mistaken for many but when I was in NYC last year, some chick thought I was David Gilmour.. It was then I decided to shed some weight.  :) 

It's not about looks

You have a level of sophistication and insight that reminds me of LC 

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6 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

Alanis Morisette/Smudge

Come on guys.....  

I think I know the singer for me....  she is one of my favourites.  Guess.  She started her career in late 1960's.  I don't think I'm tough and graceful like her. She is still singing/performing.

Buffy St. Marie


1 minute ago, shootingstar said:

Methinks I'm lost...I don't follow popular music much.  Wow, I looked her up on her bio, etc.

Guess, a folk singer from Canada who was blacklisted by Prez. Lyndon B. Johnson not to play on American radio.


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12 minutes ago, Further said:

Buffy St. Marie



Further, you're my man!  I took this photo at a concert a few years ago we went.  In that photo she was already 70.  She was performing for 2 hrs. straight.  God, I hope I have her energy, giving to others, yet so approachable to many worldwide.  https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/buffy-sainte-marie-a-life-of-song-and-social-justice-activism/


Buffy Saint Marie performs at one evening concert. Grace Presbyterian Church, Calgary AB. Mar. 20, 2012. Photo by J. Chong

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