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I am reduced to going to a laundromat


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14 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

This is going on 2 weeks now. I can maybe last another two weeks tops. I am ready to fold but she's not accepting my calls.   :(

Maybe if you offered to wash, dry, iron, fold, hang and put away she would accept your calls.  Of course, you would agree that her delicates and unmentionables are not your responsibility, not that she would you to touch them anyway.

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Who We Are

It is our honor to have been selected as the processing facility for the Paladin Laundry at Furman University.  We are proud to have  served the community in such a BIG way!



It is our goal to raise the bar for the coin laundry industry.  We will accomplish this by setting the example in giving superior service, exceptional comfort, 24/7 monitored security and unmatched cleanliness. We will constantly strive to maintain our equipment and our facility at the highest standard.  We welcome all who need our services. We are here to serve you.


Smart Wash Coin Laundry

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10 hours ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

This unpleasantness with MomCheese has many sad consequences. 

I now wash and dry clothes with the undesirables.    :(

There is a laundromat at the corner a block from my house, both of which are in Anne Arundel County, just outside the Baltimore City Limits - Baltimore isn't in a County - where things are cheaper than inside of Baltimore with its higher property taxes, etc.

So people living in a low income housing area that's a half-mile to a mile from my house walk with a cart full of clothes to and from the laundromat in the County where it's apparently cheaper than ones near the projects inside the city.

I both feel sorry for and admire the women and some men who I see making that long walk to save a little money. If I ever have to use a laundromat, I think I'd feel ok alongside those people.

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