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Today's Ride for Garrett.


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This morning and afternoon made the news around here. I'm just glad I could be part of the festivities. 

Bikers against bullying was called in for a boy names Garrett. He is a cool little kid in the short time I got to know him this afternoon. Our head group leader said if they need us again to please call and we will rally at the school and do another talk to the kids. 

The joy in Garrett's eyes with all of us, and riding to school and home on a motorcycle was awesome.

A couple pics from the ride.. wish I would have gotten more.

This is Garrett.


A few bikes that showed up for the ride home


this was me saying thank you to a nice person for cutting me off on my way home.F327D9A00F450D736CA257A6B641B127.thumb.jpg.8ffcf2de63a6af7c7154bf6837928c90.jpg

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11 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Sounds like a cool experience and I'm sure Garrett loved it!

His mom just wrote on the B.A.B FB page that she has not seen him smile this much and he has not had a great day like this in over a year. 

Unfortunately I have to run out for a bit.. one of our riders was in an accident on the way home and is in the hospital. So far he is in stable condition. But heading down with a few other riders to show support!

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