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I need to find a parking lot


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I designed a brake setup for the 3rd wheel on the sidecar and I need to do some testing. I would hate to haul this thing a thousand miles south to the race and find out that it's not working the way it should.  Just about everything around here is covered with snow and ice. 

I would also hate to spit Wo46 out of the front of the sidecar (I've seen it happen) because I didn't know what the brakes are going to do.

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2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

I never thought about brakes on a side car. I guess you would need them. Do all side cars have them?

No..only F-1 and F-2 rigs have brakes on the 3rd  wheel mandatory because of the high speed they achieved. 

We race p-2 so a brake on the 3rd wheel is recommend not mandatory.

Sometime this year I would like to be a monkey on a F-1 for a practice session or even do a race. 

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Just now, Kzoo said:

How about a deserted downtown covered parking garage on a Sunday morning.


We don't have any parking garages in this little town. There is one at a insurance company but it's private with security 

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2 minutes ago, 12string said:

Can you get the thing down your basement?

I live in a small house so no

I could use the parking lot at work but it's going to snow the next few days.   I think I'm going to wait for a clear day and test what I can. 

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