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Ylva is glowing.


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I just walked Ylva. It was very cold out. So cold, I think my brains froze and I don't remember much of the walk. Or, I was abducted by aliens or something. You know, that lost time thing.

Anyways, Ylva is now glowing in combined hues of green and yellow now. She actually looks rather aggravated as she sits next to me on the bed, in my dimly office. As a mater of fact, she looks crazier than usual. I think the aliens implanted an efficient biting program in Ylva's subconscious, in hopes of executing it tonight as I sleep.

With that said, none of the crap above really happened. Well, the walking Ylva part happened and my brains did freeze.

I'm just really tired of this cold weather. Cabin fever is driving me a bit crazeh.

Ylva is glowing a bit though....


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Yesterday, I took 80 lb golden doodle Jake to a park I'd never taken him to before and he was so excited my back and calves and arms are sore today from almost constantly holding him back from wanting to run to new places for the 2 mile walk.

We went there because the fairly-level bike trail I'm going to use first when I return to cycling for exercise in March or April after two year's off passes through the back of the park and we followed it because I wanted to make sure it's still the same.  It basically was - a guy in the parking lot finishing a 14 mile bike ride filled me in on a couple minor changes over the 7 miles out-and-back.

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