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Guns..then and now


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32 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Last year we actually did a pumping session before the pic...I just had the receptionist take my pic while waiting for a print out of this weeks session. It was a variation on the same workout I did on Tuesday..with 3 or 4 changes...like adding Russian twists, kettlebell swings and a couple of others..



You look great, petite.

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Thanks @shootingstar I am only down 10 pounds since I started..but as you can see..I have added lots of muscle.  I enjoy working with the trainer..even though it is a chunk of $$$ He pushes me to do stuff that I wouldn't do on my own..and I work hard in between sessions..for two reasons..#1. I pay money to improve..#2 I would die the next session if I didn't work in between... I mean wow...he was easy on me tonight..only doing 2 sets (like I did on Tuesday)..and I am exhausted.

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