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May 25 miles


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By the numbers:


25.5 miles

14.5 mph avg


1 flat tire

2 CO2 canisters

3 woodticks

1 daughter who showed up with Dad's 19.2 volt air compressor

100 lbs air in front tire/tube in about 1 minute


I gotta figure out what I did wrong with the CO2 cannisters. The air was not going out the nozzle like it should. As I backed the cannister out of the nozzle, the air fizzed out at the cannister threads. Frustrating. Luckily, my daughter was on her way to lunch, and HOS told her to give me a call. I had texted him I had a flat, so she gathered up a couple things to help out. We only used the air compressor. But I did accept the spare tube and hand pump to take along for the rest of the ride juuuuuuuusst in case. 


Was actually a gorgeous day. Tried to make the wind work for me, but it only worked about half the time. Best laid plans...


I'm still fighting a cold that has a pretty good grip on me. It has been about a week since I've been on my bike, so I desperately needed to get out.... cold be damned!!!  Was glad I went. Good ride.  :)

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25 miles at 13.2 mph avg. I was doing a shakedown cruise on my touring bike. I put new shifter cables, tires, brake pads, pedals along with new shoes on it recently. Wanted to make sure it's ready for my Katy Trail tour in mid-June.

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I buy threaded cartridges and only carry the nozzle part of the inflator. You can screw the threaded ones right into the nozzle. Its not enough pressure to be afraid of. I say that because I had to have a friend actually do the "gimme that you sissy" demonstration before I believed it


but those plastic case are shit and they can eff up on you like that one did


...oh and 35 or so miles


absolutely beautiful day. The temps were perfect, the wind was down and I had good legs today. I left at 1:30 and was swinging through Wellsville and hit Rich's place around a quarter after 3, so that was around 30 miles in under 2 hours. I was surprised, I wasn't riding hard and I was coasting and checking out the awesome colors a lot today

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No miles. But....I did get to work on Spawns "new" bike. She picked up an old Schwinn World Traveler at a flea market to use at school. The thing has to be from the late 70's or so (I'm guessing) but in pretty good shape. No rust, but it now has new tires and tubes; brake pads; bar tape; brake and deraileur cables; a good cleaning. Drive train is in good shape, just needed a solid cleaning. Something to knock around campus and such and to keep her Trek 7200 out of the communal bike rack.


It was fun to work on.

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The Allegheny bike trail is nice if you don't like hills.  The Wilhelm trail goes around the lake and is rolling hills with two short steep climbs.  I ride it a lot because it is only ten miles from my house.  That is why most of my rides end up being thirty miles, ten out, twelve miles around the lake and ten miles back home. 

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