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Math, Silly Indeed


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if your answer is 12, you're not doing math, you're doing arithmetic. If the answer is 12 and you needed a computer at all, then you have bigger problems than a shoddy app download. But I see this is more like an online course, so we'll let that go for now


now, let's look at the problem with the program...why would updating a database give you an error? The compare operators are going to act on the new data and your answer in the same way. Remember: software is never intermittent. It works or it doesn't. There will be no middle ground.


Hardware and networks can be intermittent


What does it do when you have a legitimate wrong answer? You might not have gotten any wrong and so didn't test this side of the problem, but it could be that the code monkeys they hired to do their maintenance work used the wrong compare and control flow logic


What does it do when you type in a non numeric answer like "Fred Flintstone"?


This is the process that one goes through to ascertain what the problem is. It will be your job to fix this exact sort of crap and you have to start understanding how to isolate the problem


here endeth today's lesson :)

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I wonder if you had and inadvertent space after you entered your answer. But any good programmer should have the code check for that and remove the stray characters before evaluating. But we all know that the correct answer was 42.

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