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NY Area Readers especially Thaddeus


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New York had the Battle of Saratoga during the Revolutionary War, and there's lots written about that whole campaign


there's Watkins Glen, site of the US Grand Prix for decades, plus you're in the finger lakes region which is pretty and has some nice campgrounds and B&Bs


other than that, New York is pretty much an empty patch of woods. Really pretty boring compared to Pennsylvania

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I will be bringing my bike...and driving my car...how far between HRV and Aire are the Adirondacks and do you have floor space for me & my sleeping bag?

I'm about half way between them. I'm an hour north of I-90 the NYS Thruway which you would take. We have room too. I'm less than an hour from the 1000 Islands/St. Lawrence river area. lots of good riding and good food there too.

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:nod head:  Any books suggestions on the area and history for my trip to NY state?!!


I'd suggest starting here:



NY history, nature/parks, canals, women's rights history, etc  across the state, by region.  I consider the site very well done and intuitive to use.  Click on the area of the map you want to visit, then click on 'Create your trip'.  Then you should see where you can create a trip by theme or by itinerary.  The only down side is it shows you so much you'll be disappointed you don't have time to see it all!


Good luck!

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