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So WTF Happened to America Lately?


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Ok, so over here we have the Marine that's in jail in Mexico that the State Department won't do anything about, even though Kerry met with Mexico recently..then the lawyer they set him up with tells him to lie to a Mexican judge. So WTF is going on over at the State Dept?


Oh yea...they're too busy trying to stonewall the Benghazi investigation :rolleyes:


then we have the whole VA business...vets died, VA officials lied to us...where's the accountability? I heard TV commercials advertising jobs at the VA? Now getting staffed is important, but are they just engaged in bureaucratic empire building over there?


Then there's foreign policy...the Chinese are saying that we made up the cyber attack stories and the Russians annexed the Crimea and are working on the Ukraine...oh yea, that would be the State Department again :whistle:


So it looks like Democrats can't govern and Obama is too big a narcissist to admit he was wrong about anything


So is this the sort of "change" you were looking for?


keep in mind, I'm only doing this for the benefit of RG. He's getting dangerously close to going back to work :D

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