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May 31 miles and other activities

Road Runner

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I just did a second walk...somewhere between 2 and 3 miles....about 5500 steps...with incline...this walk gives me credit for 11 flights of stairs (this mornings walk was way less hilly)...83 and humid....Oh and I have started my laundry more stairs!!

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Old, fat, arthritic and on several meds for high cholesterol. The catch 22 is that I need to ride more to feel better, but riding hurts right now.


I have some arthritis, too, and I agree, you need to stay active if possible.  I take a lot of aspirin and Advil to help.  Does your cholesterol medicine cause your joints to ache?  I've heard it can cause muscle pain.  You probably should tell your doctor if you think any of your meds might be causing any of your joint pain.


Anyway, hope you feel better.  Maybe the warmer weather will help a little.   :)

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Please post your miles here for today.  We accept all kinds; cycling, walking, running and all other physical activities as well.


Even weight lifting and kayaking.   


Thank you for your participation.   :)  


"no one asked about your weightlifting.  :P

This is a mileage thread, so you've done nothing relative to this thread. "


I read this somewhere once - was wondering if it applied   

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