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Hey Kirby: Is the Hudson Valley Turning Into the Hamptons?

Page Turner

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Developers have discovered the once-sleepy Catskills and are building million-dollar homes there. And now there’s a bus service modeled after the Hampton Jitney...

“It feels like the amount of people from Brooklyn who are buying second homes here is growing exponentially by the day,” said Ms. Sandell, 43, who lives in a brownstone in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, with her husband, Rob Schlederer, 47. She is a founder of Red Lantern Strategy, a market research company based in Dumbo, and her husband is a broker at Compass.

The couple recently bought a small cottage with a wraparound porch, on property with a creek, in Stone Ridge, N.Y.

“We were up at our house recently at the grocery store, and we ran into people we know from the dog park in Brooklyn,” Ms. Sandell said. “Often it feels like we are even more social up there with our friends than we are at home.

...this makes me very sad. :( 

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Brooklynites don't have the patience for the stupidity of the Hamptons, they want better things than gauche Manhattan folk concentrating in one place.

Catskills are bigger, more dispersion means it is exactly unlike the Hamptons.  Stupid article.  Pay no attention.  What?  Rich people looking for weekend getaways?  Well, I never!

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