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DirtyHip was right all along


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New study shows that forced smiling at work is linked to excessive drinking. 



They found employees who forced themselves to smile and be happy in front of customers were more at risk for heavier drinking after work.

Researchers say faking positive emotions, including resisting the urge to roll one's eyes, can be so draining for some that it can lead to alcohol consumption.


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2 hours ago, Kirby said:

New study shows that forced smiling at work is linked to excessive drinking. 



I spent a career in a building where over 100 of us teachers employed forced smiles and did tricks like tell the worst behaved kid in a class, "You were absent yesterday. I missed you," - which often had a terrifically positive effect because few teachers would tell that kid anything like that.

But few of us drank a lot. I think if you survive the stress of the first years of teaching (40% of teachers quit within the first five years) it's only because you have developed ways to deal with the stress. Personally, I always looked at it from the point of view of the Bill Cosby observation that "Teenagers have brain damage," and didn't expect them to behave perfectly all the time and took it in stride if they royally screwed-up on occasion.  Also, I coached varsity sports and that helped put the kids on my side.

We had a bar where some members of the faculties of several schools (all in the same countywide system) met on Friday's after work - and there you'd often see teachers, principals, even asst. superintendents.  But few drank to excess and not too many went every Friday.

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In elementary school I was being reamed out buy the nun about something I did. I sat at my desk and  just kept smiling, and smiling, and smiling. It was so natural I wasn't even aware of it. She kept getting madder and madder, and madder. I strongly suspect she hit the church's wine supply after that!

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