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2019: The year of the comeback?

Road Runner

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So far:

UVA made a miraculous comeback from being the first ever #1 seed to lose to a #16 last year, to winning it all in the NCAA Basketball Tournament this year.

Tiger came back from many years of physical ailments and surgeries to win his 5th Masters at age 43.


I wonder if Lance and team US Postal are planning on riding in the Tour this year?   :rolleyes:

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4 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Doesn't that typically kill a site?  I hate FB sites.

I think EVERYONE hates FB sites & FB in general.  I find FB to be one of the most poorly written pieces of software I have ever encountered that wasn't written by kids/students.

It is truly and spectacularly atrocious.

Regarding the old LF, though, I think there were probably a similar amount of folks "active" there as here, so to the Bicycling corporation, a couple dozen active users was not worth it versus probably thousands (tens of thousands?) of pretend users on their current FB site.  No ad revenue on the LF, but probably some on the FB site.

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