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That’s one heck of a car. I still miss mine. The Pilot has a lot more power but the Element was a way better vehicle. I’ve been driving the Odyssey for over two months since my wife isn’t going anywhere. It has a cool stereo and blue teeth. 

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38 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Yesterday I saw a black Element being used for practicing parallel parking and it looked brandy-new!  Had to be garage-kept.

They were built tough. When my wife wanted me to wash her car I would sometimes wash mine. It’s amazing how nice it looked even after I had driven it for twelve years on my beat up dirt road and all the adventures I had taken it on. In total I had hit five deer with it and the only visible damage was a small crack in the front bumper cover.

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6 hours ago, az_cyclist said:

Several cyclists in our club loved the Element.  My only problem was it appeared to only come with a 4 cyl, which, made climbing mountain passes a bit slow 

We don’t have mountain passes but mine never slowed down on hills except when pulling a heavy trailer.

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