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Notre Dame Cathedral in flames


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4 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

let me guess, a welding spark?

Since it wasn't Italy, I won't blame arson.

A good book about the famous Fenice opera house fire in Venice is by John Berendt.  Good news is that the Fenice FINALLY reopened (albeit almost completely rebuilt) a while ago, so there is hope for Notre Dame to be fixed.


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I am not Catholic, but I have had the opportunity to tour some of the world's great cathedrals, including Notre Dame. I am always awestruck by what 12th century engineers were able to accomplish with the technology of the day.

 They may have saved the main structure, but the stained glass windows may be irreplaceable.

Also heard this morning that finding trees large enough to replace some of the beams may be a challenge.

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There have been 10 attacks or act of vandalism against Catholic Churches in France in the past 8 weeks.  One, St. Sulpice was set ablaze but was quickly controlled.   Newsweek had a recent story on it as did RT Television but news in MSM is suspiciously quiet.. 

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