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Mmmm Roadside hot dog stands


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32 minutes ago, dennis said:

I think you are doing it wrong.

Some of the more famous have morphed into multi food  stands.  Scotties is actually famous for their frozen custard.  We have another stand with no indoor seating named Harry's place.  It grew to fame by being on the junction of the main roads between the center of the state and the beaches in both CT and Rhode Island.  I first ate ate at that one 62 years ago.  On opening day people line up 15 or 20 deep to order.

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4 minutes ago, team scooter said:

If you didn't know it was there, you'd drive right past Lefty's at 55 mph never seeing it.

But they have the bestest Chicago style dogs in the area. Tater Tots too! I've also heard their Italian Beefs are good. And its just a short ride from home. :loveshower:


How much for the 442?

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