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I Was Misled!

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...by the headline :(

Naked Intruder Found Inside Daycare Center In Stafford: SCSO
A woman was arrested after breaking into a kids learning center in Stafford and being found naked: Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

So far, so good.  "Naked Intruder" and "being found naked", and this attached mugshot have me thinking I (and @Parr8hed ) might be onto something:

Heaven Conner was found naked after breaking into a learning center.

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...however, I then read this and my hopes are dashed:

Shortly before 5:30 a.m., an officer was summoned to the Kids on the Move Learning Center for a reported breaking-and-entering incident. Upon arrival, he found a woman dressed in black standing inside the building holding a fork in each hand. When he took her into custody, she told him he was making a mistake because she was the daycare owner's wife.

So, WTF?????

But, yes, Parr would.

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...but, apparently, this guy wouldn't :(

Looking better than the day before(!), she seemed to make the mistake of not picking the right guy to play with.

Heaven Conner

A man said he had stopped at the Wawa to use the restroom. While doing so, a woman in a bathroom stall in the men's restroom reached out from underneath and began tugging on his pants, "pulling them in a downward motion."

He left the restroom and called police, who found the woman in the restroom and arrested her.

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