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Would this be fun here?

Square Wheels

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Photo Competition is the number one application for increasing engagement on your community and is suitable for almost all community types.

Hold a monthly photo contest with voting, sharing to social media and rankings.

The app supports commenting and post before register so visitors can register as part of the competition entry process.

First, second and third places are permanently recorded in the previous winners hall of fame.

The app is fully language abstracted and contains a section for adding rules and introductory text. Use this section to describe your monthly photo theme if you have one.

Optionally limit the number of entries per month and the number of entries members are allowed to vote on.

Live Demo

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No.  I don't need to send you all pictures of my personal life -- and I'm pretty sure you folks to want to see them.  And quite frankly, I don't want to see pictures of your relatives.  Dogs maybe.  Cat's maybe.  Birds maybe.  Ok, what the hell.  Post if you want, don't post if you want.

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