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Toddles+ was resurrected for about 30 minutes today.


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... only this time there was no dark humor or musing underneath it. A Cabulance that assurred me up and down that they would not be late getting my father to his 7 week post surgery appointment -- after they charged my card $175 -- not only was a no show, they never called me. WTF!? I was in rare form ripping them a new asshole when the guy had no explanation other than 'the transportation business is hard.' My dad has been waiting for this day and I had to align and pay the Adult Family Home $100 to have a caregiver accompany him AND line up a family member to receive him. The caregiver had him up for almost 45 minutes In the chair -- longest he has been there and was in discomfort. I lost it and gave the 'face of the company' a piece of my mind. This was not acceptable. You deal me incompetence with my aging, fragile father on the line -- and you're going to hear what I think about it. 

That poor bastard had his tail between his legs. I'm quite upset about it actually and hope I can show them just how hard that business really is. If they don't refund my money, I am going after them. Services not rendered. Their reputation is going to take a hit one way or another.

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...you're gonna run into a lot of that shit.  It's one of the reasons I looked for and paid the going rate for one of the last concierge practice physicians here in Sacramento when my mom was in her final stay at a small care home.  It just turned out to be cheaper and easier, because he made house calls.  There are hardly any more GP's that do it any more, Something about billing and insurance coverage not paying for it.  I just tapped into her cash reserves.

By then I was the legal decider for all that stuff anyway.

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