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16 April 2019 miles and such


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Great temps but very windy so I took off work early in the hopes of getting in 30+ miles. Damned flat rear tire at around mile 12. Hole in tube near spokes holes but rim strip looked good. Patched it and pumped it up the best that I could with a mini-pump.

Shortly afterwards I ran into some cycling buddies of mine. They were heading towards my car. I stopped at my car and used a floor pump. Funny thing was that I only had about 40 psi in the tire but I thought that I'd pumped it up more than that. 

Took off with my buddies and less than a mile later the tire started going flat again. Headed back to the car and home.

I put on a new tire and tube when I got home. The tire had seen better days. I made sure that the rim tape was on correctly. Looking at the old tube, the hole was on the seam where the tube halves are joined. Maybe it was just ripping for some reason?

Anyway only 18.34 miles at 13.9 mph avg.

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I've been walk / jogging a few miles most every night, 2.5 to 5 miles.

Tonight I actually ran for a couple hundred yards, not a moob joggling jog but a stretch out the stride run.

Going down a short steep grade my belly was getting ahead of my feet, rather than fight it I stretched out the stride, picked up the cadence and caught up with the wayward belly. There were a couple miss steps and little muscle spasm in my back but everything settled into place and I was running, smooth gait, easy breathing, runners nirvana running. It lasted a half a minute or so, till my legs outran my lungs, but it felt so good. Gave me some hope.

Maybe I can come back from the wreck I've become.   :)

I'll have to try riding one of the bikes.  ?‍♂️

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Great temps for sure, but only got in my commuting miles :(  Had a board meeting at 6:30, so had to ride home, eat, and then go deal with that :(  I will ride today, though, if humanly possible. A little cooler, but still into the mid 60s.

And, yes - WINDY was the word of the day.

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