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AWWC didn't meet the deadline.

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I feel you have judged me harshly but I'll let you decide. One of the nice things Kathryn did was introduce me to several neighbors who were part of what I'll call her rescue animals network. Some of the same folks who helped me with Philly Cheese. 

I was able to take Allie to my neighbor  before I could get a vet appointment other than the emergency vet. It's like taking Ylva to Aire for a second opinion. 

No skin breakage just irritation. Several ointments and a list of things to look for and a vet who would work me in yesterday if it was needed. I also will be taking Allie back to my neighbor today for another look. 

Allie is well with no signs of distress but I'm still going to have him neutered and examined. I mowed the front yard yesterday and did not see the dinosaur woodpecker. I thought Page's comment yesterday about always being in pairs was very interesting since this was not the case when he was attacked Monday. 

Maybe Allie ambushed one of them earlier which would explain the woodpecker's assault? 

Apologize to Cheese now. 



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