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The Hoka Speedgoat 3 shoes


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Are the cats ass. Considerably more stable than my road going Hoka's but still well padded and comfy. The Vibram sole sticks very well in mud, on rock, and everything in between, they are noisy on the road each one of the little cleats makes a distinct click as it hits the road, but they are not for the road. I would say they are supportive enough for day hiking, not waterproof though.

All in all I'm very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone wanting a light weight, well padded trail shoe   

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Hoka is a certainly popular and are definitely helping to raise the bar on supportive shoes. 

An interesting story from a couple month's back was about shoe company Karhu and their shoe the Ikoni.  They seem an interesting option to consider with Hoka and Newton when looking for more structure and stability in a shoe - for running or walking.

Fleet Feet, which first opened in 1976 in Sacramento, began adding 3D scanners at its 177 locations in 2017, using runners’ love of data to entice them into its stores and then keep them there long enough to buy something. “People who run enjoy going to a store, because it acts as a bit of a clubhouse,” says Huub Valkenburg, chief executive officer of Karhu, which three years ago cut a deal with Fleet Feet to become its exclusive in-house brand. “They want to connect with other runners.”

Karhu last year used foot scans from more than 100,000 customers to guide the creation of its latest shoe, the Ikoni. Technically and superficially, it evokes many of the so-called maximalist shoes—bulkier models focused on cushion and protection—that have come to market during the past decade. The movement was led by Hoka One One, founded in 2009 at the height of the barefoot running trend. (You remember Vibram FiveFingers, right?) Shoes in the Hoka lineup became popular with ultramarathoners looking for more support.

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3 hours ago, Further said:

Hoka is not a fast shoe, it is a cushy shoe. They let me run slowly with much less pain than any other shoe I've worn.


I don’t have fast but for short runs I wear Brooks and Karhu. For anything over about 10 miles I wear Hokas. In my 50K and my 50 miler, I wore three pair of Hokas. One pair never recovered. 

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