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I'm taking off next Friday or the Friday after next Friday. (A possible Cleveland Story).

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4 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

I am in the eastern fester currently, and have an interview Monday late.  After, I may visit friends in Yulan before heading back to Cleveland.  

I'll let you know when and if I go to Cleveland.

You might have to visit Grafton to meet Ylva.

Don't worry, my friend has wine.  You can get loaded and he will takes advantage of your soon to be nakedness.  

Shu Fang

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11 hours ago, Shu Fang said:

I might go back to Cleveland.  If I do, I might try to talk my parents into visiting Cleveland too.  

I really don't want to go to Toledo.  It's dangerously close to Michigan.

And, Toledo pretty much sucks.

I'll have to get my winter tires changed before hand.

Shu Cleveland

There's a reason we gave you Toledo.


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