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I went around the block


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For me that's up a big hill and is a few miles.

Last time I got halfway, and had to walk the bike in places. I didn't walk the bike today. On the negative side, it was so hard on my wife she was shaking after one rise where she didn't want to walk her bike.

She's fine now.

One of the best, and easiest, rides in Southern Maine is the Lighthouse Loop. You can also easily make several variations to make it longer or shorter. One time, a decade ago, I started it from here, and it was a 50 mile day. I'm going to be able to do it again (not the 50 mile version) . Reds soft serve just happens to be near the ride :D

I am starting to feel more like me.

My Clydesdale shorts from Aerotech are OK. I have short legs, they have leg grippers, but there isn't enough to grip on below my knee. No help for it. I may break down and get custom from Boure, but their prices are insane now. Aerotech used to do custom, no more.

The crochet gloves are a little thicker than I like, but they really help baby my tender wrists and shoulders. One is also defective, it has a knotted piece of crochet that wants to dig a hole in my finger.

I realise this is silly, but I can't stop thinking about getting a second battery, and doing some lite touring on the bike. Gotta get in massively better shape before I can do that in Maine. Our favorite B&B is below Augusta, and that area makes where I live look flat. If you're getting there from town, it feels in spot like your pushing the bike up at a 45 degree angle. Yes, that's a silly exaggeration, but I've never been able to ride the whole thing.

Gotta put in a plug for my Duluth wicking polos. I got to finally wear a new one on the bike, and it's faboo.

My budget took a big hit, but so far, I am real glad I did it.

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