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We just got through a Tornado Warning

Road Runner

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We don't get many of those around here.  The radar showed the likely tornado heading straight for my house, but it dissipated before it got here.  I had cleared out my "tornado closet" and got it ready to act as my shelter.  I guess I'll leave it that way until all these storms pass tomorrow morning.

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49 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

Being near lake Erie, I don't get many either.   But aboot 40 miles west of me is mini tornado alley

I live 6 miles from lake Michigan and last year we had a bunch of tornadoes touch down in the area. One passed within 3 miles of my house. 

Last summer Wisconsin got hit with 17 little tornadoes in one day. 

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1 hour ago, Road Runner said:

Do you have a designated shelter?

I have no idea.  I suspect I've seen signs about shelters, abut have never paid attention.  I think we had a small tornado out west a few years back.  We don't get tornadoes or hurricanes here.  No venomous snakes, not scorpions, no venomous spiders.  It's a nice place to live.

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Just now, Road Runner said:

Except for the lack of competent pee doctors.  :rolleyes:

#2 world renowned doc: Sorry, guess you'll need to live it it.

#1 world renowned doc: Sorry, I hope someday we can help you.

Random urologist: You saw doc #2 and doc #1, yikes, not sure what I can do for you.

Chinese medicine / acupuncturist.  I can definitely help you.  Several months and a couple thousand dollars later - sorry, not much else I can do to help.

World renowned physical therapist who specializes in male pelvic floor pain: I help all of my patients get better, otherwise it's your fault and you don't do what I tell you.


Looks like it's all me.  I suck.

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