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Easter memories


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Okay...I have no memory of that pic that I post..What I do remember... Writing a letter to the Easter Bunny telling him to "Please put the baskets in a higher place" when we got our dog :D  Easter items...always hidden..usually some candy in a basket..but a stuffed bunny one year..ALWAYS a garden set (back in the day of brightly painted metal....rake, hoe and shovel), a colorful metal sprinkling can, (I use to "help" my grampy in the garden)..oh and plastic boats..cos (okay this year is late for Easter...but) often we would try to float boats along the curb...although as kids we found twigs floated better than the larger plastic boats...Often Easter dresses, bonnets and little white gloves were covered by winter coats and mittens :whistle:

We had food traditions...and did a "blessing" of food at the church..food that would be used for Easter Breakfast...Ham..a Crofa (or maybe Krofa?...basically a jelly filled fried doughnut..with NO jelly)..Potica (a Croation/Slovenian sweet bread)..I also remember my mom making some kind of buckwheat and ham dumpling for "Granpy".... I don't actually recall the taste but they were a funky grey color :whistle:  I also always did a dark purple egg...when doing the colored eggs...but I would not eat them...it was a texture thing!!

Last but not least...remember my mom blowing out eggs and we painted them and placed them on a branch...last year I put all my old eggs on an awesome tree..on Saturday before Palm Sunday...and didn't enjoy them due to the Shingles...but for my mom..it was a "family" craft activity..my mom was artistic and did some awesome eggs...as a kid mine were so-so...I did a better as I got older..Haven't painted an egg in about 10 years or so...

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My mom really enjoyed Easter, maybe more so than Christmas. She always hosted a big Easter celebration with bao pao (steamed bun with seasoned pork) and lots of good food & Easter egg hunts for the kids, Easter baskets with lots of candy & etc.  We always got new clothes for Easter too.

She continued the tradition for my and my brothers kids and when her health was going we kept her Easter  tradition for her.

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